This section has a selection of cute, colourful belly button bars with acrylic balls, in many styles from stripy and swirly to stars, glitter and glow in the dark navel bars! They start from a bargain £2 for a lucky dip belly button bar and all come in sizes from 6mm to 16mm.

The majority of the bars in this section are UV reactive so perfect for clubbing, raves and parties! Generally, the brighter the colour of the balls in normal light, the better they'll glow under a blacklight.

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Funky Colourful Acrylic Ball Belly Piercing Spiral
Buy £4.00
Dice Encased Acrylic Belly Bar
Buy £4.00
Spiral Inlay Clear Ball Flexi Belly Bar
Buy £4.00
Heart & Star Inlay Clear Ball Flexi Belly Bar
Buy £4.00
Colour Swirl Super Glitter UV Belly Bar
Buy £4.00
Brown Leopard Print Acrylic Belly Bar
Buy £4.00
Coloured Leopard Print Acrylic Belly Bar
Buy £4.00
Nightmare Ball Belly Spiral
Out Of Stock
Foil Effect Titanium Belly Bar
Buy £5.00
Acrylic Dice Pregnancy Belly Piercing Bar
Buy £5.00
Dice Encased Acrylic Titanium Belly Bar
Buy £5.00
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