We specialise in body jewellery, and as such do not sell what most people would call ear-rings (design at the front, butterfly closure or similar at the back, hinged hoops etc) - these are classed as standard jewellery, not body jewellery.

This section features a selection of body jewellery items which can be worn in standard ear lobe piercings and do not require the lobe to be stretched. A standard ear lobe piercing is usually 1mm, but most accomodate a 1.2mm barbell, ring or labret stud very easily.

Ball closure rings, circular horseshoe barbells and labret studs are a popular alternative to 'normal' ear-rings to give the 'body piercing' look to a standard piercing.

If you're looking for jewellery to start stretching your ear-lobe, have a peek at our Stretched Ear Lobe jewellery for everything you need to get you started!

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Sugar Skull and Bow Ear Hook - Single
Buy £5.00
Lucky Dip Value Pack 1.2mm Bars - Pack of 5
Buy £5.00
Plain Titanium Piercing Spiral Ring - 1.6mm
Buy £5.00
Zip Horseshoe Circular Barbell
Buy £5.00
Colourful Dice Piercing Titanium Spiral Ring - 1.2mm
Buy £5.00
Crystal Gem Belly Piercing Spiral
Buy £5.00
Skull Bead Ball Closure Ring
Out Of Stock
Heart Crystal Push-Fit Flexi Lip Stud
Buy £5.00
Flat Crystal Heart Tragus / Helix Bar
Buy £5.00
Flat Crystal Star Tragus / Helix Bar
Buy £5.00
Crystal Gem Black Surgical Steel Piercing Spiral Ring - 1.2mm
Buy £5.00
Neon Star Micro Labret Lip Stud
Buy £5.00
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