This section features a selection of stretched ear jewellery which we classify as plugs. Plugs come in many styles, and are designed to be worn in a stretched ear (or in some cases lip, nipple or other piercings).

We separate stretched ear jewellery into three categories - plugs, tunnels and stretching tapers or stretchers. Other heavy gauge items such as thick rings and bars can be worn in ears too.

Plugs come in many different styles, sizes, colours and materials. Our plugs range in size from 1.6mm to 62mm and are made from surgical steel, wood, horn, bone, stone, glass, acrylic and fimo - with one thing in common: they are all solid through, without holes through them.

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Rose Gold Floral Filigree Surgical Steel Saddle Spreader Tunnel Plug Weight for Stretched Ear Lobe
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