This section is full of funky nipple bars and rings - all sorts from dice and stars to the fab Pinching Fingers nipple shield - so whether you want a gecko climbing your boob or maybe a glow in the dark, uv reactive or glittery ball closure, you've come to the right place! - Page 10

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Flames Print Colourful Bead Ball Closure Ring
Buy £1.95
Glow In The Dark Flexi Tongue Bar
Buy £3.00
Glow In The Dark Tongue Bar
Buy £3.00
Fluorescent Neon Bright Colour Tongue Bar
Buy £3.00
Colourful UV Bead Ball Closure Ring
Buy £3.00
Double Dice Barbell Nipple Piercing Bar
Buy £4.00
Moustache Nipple Barbell
Out Of Stock
Stripy Anodised Horseshoe Circular Barbell - 1.6mm
Buy £4.00
Crystal Gem Rainbow UV Ball Double Jewelled Barbell
Buy £4.00
Unicorn Spike Nipple Bar
Buy £4.00
Crystal Gem UV Ball Double Jewelled Barbell
Buy £4.00
Long UV Spike Nipple Barbell
Buy £4.00
Teardrop Oval Ball Closure Ring
Buy £4.00
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